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Dr. Claud Anderson, Breakfast Club.

"Trying to inform black folk and trying to elevate them to higher level of competitiveness in a society and overcome the primary legacies of slavery and centuries of Jim Crow semi slavery..."

"The whole point of slavery was to do what? They never asked that. It was to socially engineer black folk into the lowest level of a real-life Monopoly game..."

"...and in the nation they have a race-based society. It is what you own and controlled that determines your equal opportunities and your rights and privileges.

This hasn't anything to do with civil rights, that's a waste of time. Doesn't have anything to do with the voting, but that's just an intellectual masturbation process. That isn't going to do any good, what you need is to own and control wealth and power."

(Voting = intellectual masturbation) "That's like you're starving to death and somebody gives you a steak, you rub it outside your stomach. That ain't going to do you any good. Quit playing with black folk."


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