Work never stops.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Fortunate enough for me, this is what I love, so I find myself living in my own world most days lol. Thankful every day too 😊. Juggling mixing and mastering songs, my personal life (which I'm sure for everyone, gets nuts lol) and this sick website.

The engineering/entertainment business is the equivalent of doing 100 job roles at once, then being available at any second of the day to get it done. For example, having to change the tempo of an entire song from 90BPM to 93BPM (doesn't sound like much but the feeling of a song can change, and that's just the start 🙄), then re-bouncing the stems and sending over to a fellow GOAT engineer (MSM Engineer) who'll take it from there.

Whatever way the day goes, the website will be a priority too. Firstly for you, the ladies and gents, and of course, me too lol.

Last year, my brother who lives out in the states said it'd be a good idea for me to put all my work in one place. Wix has the infrastructure for building this "place" to put all my work. Reasonably priced, all the features I need, smooth experience for you & me, and I'm all for 24/7 support with any business. This is extremely handy when you live a vampire life. So far I've used Wix support twice, and both times were for similar problems relating to the mobile site. Both support calls were way past 00:00 am.

Compatibility with WordPress had me concerned too but I quickly realised I'd be able to blog with Wix how I wanted and left my worries behind.

Some hours or days later on (time doesn't exist), and here you have it! A very happy man with a website to put all his work in one place. 😁

Oh, and if you wanted to know, Yes, everyone at Wix support was awake, alert and ready to help lol. And help they did those vamps! Thanks. 👏🏽

Big Blessings and Big Love Always. 🙏🏾❤️

While typing this I was listening to:

JC made it. #CashMotto

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